We’re Always Excited to Welcome New Visitors


We are delighted that you have taken out the time to visit us today. God's Temple of Deliverance Church, Inc. has been located in Compton, CA since 1963.

We ask our Father to accept the work of our hands in this House of Prayer as we set apart to do the Will and work of the Lord to reach souls. This house is founded on prayer and fasting, shutting-in as a living sacrifice unto the Lord.

Please don't worry about what you'll wear to church, for we truly believe people should come to God as they are. You don't need to dress up to get his approval--that comes through Jesus' sacrifice. Once you walk through the doors, you'll see that the congregation has all types of people in all kinds of dress. While a few people in the church wear ties, others like to remind them that Jesus never wore a tie. Shorts are as welcome as suits, and you'll see both.

We want to pray for you and see the blessings of the Lord make you whole. Our Pastor's leadership has nurtured and instructed many by sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word of God.

We'd also love to get to know you so you're a familiar face the next time you come.

We are here for you. Don't hesitate to call, email and/or visit us.

Contact us for prayer, counseling, spiritual healing, and deliverance.