Pastor Diane Eutsey

Pastor Diane Eutsey

Pastor Patricia Eutsey a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Washington High School in 1969. After graduating from high school Pastor Eutsey went on attend nursing school but chose to be a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service, where she retired after 32 years of service, in the city of Compton. Currently, Pastor Eutsey attends Bible School and will receive her certification in Religious Studies.

Her spiritual journey began early; she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 12 and at age 13 started playing the piano for God‘s Temple of Deliverance Church. At an early age, she joined the outreach crusade and traveled all over the United States. She served faithfully as a musician, choir member and director for many years.

Serving God faithfully for many years and the ministry, the Lord called her to preach. She made her calling and election sure. Overseer, Pastor Myra B. Cotton ordained her as a minister of the gospel on October 27, 2002. Proven herself to be a faithful, loyal, selfless and loving soldier in God’s army, enduring hardness as a good soldier, she was elevated to Assistant Pastor of God’s Temple of Deliverance Church on November 11, 2005 and faithfully served our founder, Pastor Myra B. Cotton for nine year until Pastor Cotton transitioned on March 10, 2015.

Our pastor’s life has been an incredible display of God’s love. Her loyalty and faithfulness inspire others to draw closer to God. Whether dealing with significant losses or gain she kept her eyes on Christ and never failed to be faithful. She is an inspiration to all who know her.

A new legacy has begun, when we installed Pastor Patricia “Diane” Eutsey on March 20, 2016, as the pastor of God’s Temple Of Deliverance Church Inc.

The ministry rejoices for the blessing of the gift of Pastor Patricia “Diane” Eutsey. The Lord has given her the theme out of Isaiah 54:2 and we anticipate God’s moving as we ‘enlarge our tents’.

“Enlarge the place of your tent;
Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not;
Lengthen your cords
And strengthen your pegs.